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Crab Salad with Olives

Part of our six-pack detox plan, this meaty crab salad is a great alternative to chicken. It's still full of protein, but it also has the added benefit of omega-3, which not only helps aid memory and cognitive functions,… [...]

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Prawn & Cashew Nut Salad

One of our six-pack detox plan recipes, this prawn and cashew nut salad is low in fat, high in protein and packed with iron, to help you build and beautify your body. Protein-rich prawns are very low in fat, but packed … [...]

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Cumin Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries

A recipe from our six-pack detox plan, this salmon and sweet potato dish will help keep you strong and supple.  Besides being a great source of omega-3, salmon is very low in mercury (unlike some other omega-3 sources) … [...]

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Tuna, Bean & Lime Salad

Part of our six-pack detox plan, this protein-rich salad offers a multitude of health benefits including helping to build a stronger immune system, and a reduced risk of heart disease. Low-fat and packed with protein (2… [...]

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Goan Fish Curry

This is a beautiful tomato and coconut curry with delicate white fish and a hint of chilli. With a spice base of ginger, cumin, nutmeg and paprika, the main star of the dish is the mustard seed and star anise garnish. C… [...]

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Soy & Honey Salmon

Serving two, this is a classic Japanese blend of Tamari soy, honey blossom and ginger to infuse the salmon. As an oily fish, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in fact it is one of the best sources of the long-chain… [...]

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High protein, low carb BBQ Prawns for Post Workout

This means they also contain the essential BCCA’s leucine, isoleucine and valine, required for muscles repair, recovery and growth. These are crucial amino acids that cannot be synthesised by the body so they must be con… [...]

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Tuna, Cranberry & Walnut Salad

Tuna is a high protein, low calorie fish with essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your brain and can also help prevent high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure often goes hand in hand with stress, it … [...]

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Super Quick Salmon Salad

Cucumber is a great detoxifer and helps remove the stress hormone cortisol from the body. NB Buying pre-cooked fish or chicken from the supermarket is a great way to ensure you get quality protein at lunch time. [...]

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Peppered Egg & Salmon

It’s packed with protein and rich in omega oils to ensure all day energy and stamina. [...]

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