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SimplyCook - The Proof is in the Eating

Jeannette Jackson

SimplyCook provides easy-to-follow recipes and specially blended herbs, spices and pastes to help you create restaurant-quality meals in just 20 minutes.


The BuyVeg team were sent samples of SimplyCook’s trademark boxes recently, and some of the staff had a go at cooking the meals.


Marketing Executive Adam tried his hand at the Goan Fish Curry and was pleasantly surprised with the results. “I’m not a cook” Adam explained, “but everything was there for you ready, so it made it easier. I would have liked slightly clearer instructions on how the ingredients should be prepared, but it was definitely better than trying to cook from scratch. I could invite my mum around and cook that for her, and she would be impressed. My housemate made the soy and honey salmon too [another SimplyCook recipe] and he loved it.”

Project Manager Joie tackled the Thai Red Prawn Curry, whilst Copywriter Elle made the Iranian Stew. 

Both Joie and Elle adapted their recipes somewhat, substituting some of the ingredients and adding others, but kept the integrity of the dishes and used all of the pastes, sauces and spice mixes provided.


Joie said: “For me, it's a convenience to have all of the spices pre-mixed and in the correct quantities. I added chicken, as I only had small prawns, but otherwise stayed true to the recipe, it was delicious.”


Elle added: “I used sweet potatoes rather than ordinary potatoes, and swapped the spinach for broccoli out of personal preference. The resulting stew was warming and flavoursome; it would be perfect for a cold winter’s evening.”


SimplyCook boxes encompass global cuisine, from Malaysian Laksa and Bokkeumbap to Mexican pulled chicken and hot Cajun meatballs. There are light boxes (where the meals are under 600 calories each) vegetarian boxes, discovery boxes, with a sample of 50 delicious recipes, and gluten-free boxes, so you can rest easy knowing you’re only cooking with ingredients which suit your dietary requirements.


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Fancy having a go at this Goan Fish Curry yourself? Click here to see the recipe!



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