Allow us to introduce you to

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Your one-stop-shop for healthy living.


Allow us to introduce you to BuyVeg, your one-stop-shop for healthy living.

Led by celebrity nutritionist and biochemist Jeannette Jackson, the friendly team behind the site serve up practical tips, delicious easy-to-follow recipes and great offers from top brands to help nourish your body and soul.

From the cocktails which are the kindest to your waistline, and the right food to boost your immune system, to the benefits of yoga, and the perfect post-workout drink, BuyVeg has it covered.

Stay Fit & Healthy

Dr Know’ provides expert advice on stress-busting antioxidants and what to eat to avoid a hangover, plus there are tips for sports nutrition and advice on cardio and weight training for women.

Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, BuyVeg takes the hassle out of eating right. It provides a scientific approach to dieting which will not only help you transform your body, but also the way you think about food.

Never endure another boring salad again, with mouth-watering suggestions such as Cous Cous, Kale and Walnut Salad, with Lemon & Coconut Dressing, which are low on calories, high in nutritional value, and big on flavour.

And it’s not all ‘rabbit food’ – there are recipes for tasty healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and smoothies. Not to mention the scrumptious sweet treats and snacks that satisfy your cravings without piling on the pounds. Everything you need to lose weight and feel fantastic – slimmer, fitter and full of energy.

"Never endure another
boring salad again"

Exclusive offers and detox plans help you save money and create a structure to your dieting, and there’s an accompanying YouTube channel featuring videos on all aspects of health and fitness, from diabetes awareness to a quick at-home workout.

Whether you’re just looking for some healthy but tasty recipes, or want a full-scale diet plan which will help you lose weight fast in a natural way, check out BuyVeg today.

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Detox your body

A regular detox plan is a great way to clear your body of toxins. This will speed up your metabolism and leave you feeling healthy and re-energised.