Banana Protein Pancakes

Jeannette Jackson

Fabulous post-workout recipe for people looking to lose weight.

These pancakes are a good source of energy to replenish glucose following a workout session. The protein will also help muscle tissue repair and recovery too.



  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 scoop whey protein
  • ½ tsp coconut oil
  • Handful blueberries
  • Agave nectar
  1. Mix the eggs together then combine with the protein and banana.
  2. Place a pan over medium heat. Grease the pan with the oil. Once it's hot, add a large spoonful of the pancake mixture to the pan, about 3-5 inches wide.
  3. Once the pancakes begin to bubble, flip them. Cook for about 1 minute each side, depending how hot the pan is.
  4. Re-grease the pan, as needed.
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