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How To Pace Yourself

Jeannette Jackson

It’s true that if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you can feel the effects more quickly. Great for a quick buzz, not so great for your liver and organ functions.

Alcohol is directly absorbed through membrane walls starting with the stomach, although most of it is absorbed in the small intestine. It’s such a simple molecule that very little digestion needs to occur before it enters your bloodstream.  So having food in your stomach will slow the absorption of the alcohol, to some extent, as there is less available surface area for direct absorption. However, once it gets into your small intestine, it is again rapidly moved into your bloodstream.

Have a little ‘snackette’ before leaving the house; it might not sound appealing, but a few stalks of steamed asparagus can ensure you have the staying power to party all night. Asparagus is high in potassium and low in sodium which makes it a powerful cleanser and diuretic. It helps to flush out alcohol from the system effectively, and potentially reduces the risk of a hangover.

Eat iron rich foods on the day of your party (red meat, spinach, chickpeas, figs, apricots). Iron helps transport oxygen around the body and improves your energy and stamina to help you enjoy the party without flagging near the end of the night. A few strips of beef on a bed of steamed kale, with a handful of chickpeas and walnuts, and a fresh lemon coconut oil dressing is an ideal pre-party lunch. Enjoy!

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