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Sunshine Cocktails – but which one?

Jeannette Jackson


Cocktails are always a sunny day favourite but which are the best and worst for calories?

A low calorie Mojito is always the best choice (white rum, mint, lime, soda water). Although sugar is typically added, you can always request a sugar-free version. The refreshing Sea Breeze is also a great option (vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice) with approximately 180 calories per glass.

Despite the rather light-sounding name, the worst cocktail for your waistline is definitely the Long Island Iced tea, with a whopping 780 calories per glass. This is shockingly similar in calorific content to a Big Mac Meal. Cream-based libations are also a no-no, so resist the temptation to order a Mudslide (594 calories) or Chocotini (438 calories). Here’s our handy guide to cocktail calories:

Serving size is one glass (200 ml) Calories

Sloe Gin Fizz 120

Tom Collins 120

Mint Julep 143

Whisky Sour 166

Blue Lagoon 179

Screwdriver 200

Old Fashioned 206

Singapore Sling 230

Tequila Sunrise 253

Black Russian 291

Pina Colada 297

White Russian 360

Martini 413

Margarita 453

So go enjoy your long summer evenings, but remember that those refreshing cocktails can pack a powerful punch in calories.

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